Kong: Skull Island

This was a fun movie. This was a very enjoyable movie. Yes, it wasn’t perfect, but I left the theater happy and knowing that I would probably go back to see it (if not just for Tom Hiddleston’s biceps).

Ok, there were flaws. A few characters too many, not much plot. But that wasn’t the point of the movie. This movie was supposed to be a fun, action movie that introduced and displayed the epicness of Kong. And they did that.Β Kong himself was absolutely amazing. The facial capture was breathtaking and the special effects and action scenes between him and the other creatures were astounding.

The cast, of course, was tremendous, and I think they did the absolute best they could with what they were given. The characters weren’t totally developed enough, but they were lovable enough that I cared about a lot of them. John C. Reilly in particular stood out to everyone. He was funny and entertaining, even when he was just throwing out exposition. Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson were, as expected, wonderful as well.

One thing I particularly appreciated was that the relationship between Kong and the lead female didn’t feel forced or romantic. It was simply a respect and appreciation they had for each other. The same goes for Larson’s and Hiddleston’s characters. There was no forced romance, and what little did happen felt absolutely natural.

Now, Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The film itself was gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking. The cinematography was stunning (running out of adjectives here) and possibly Oscar-worthy? One of the big things with promoting the film was that it was shot on location, and I think that made a world of a difference for the overall appearance of the movie.

Overall, a fun movie that is absolutely stunning to look at. Go in expecting a good time and you will not be disappointed.


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