Beauty and the Beast

This. Movie. Was. Amazing. I don’t think I can give it enough praise, but I’m going to try

First, it was breathtakingly gorgeous. The special effects were beautiful, the costumes were beautiful, the little bit of Dan Steven’s face at the end was beautiful. It was just a pretty film.

Casting. I would like to thank Lucy Bevan who did the casting for this movie because it was absolutely perfect. I cannot imagine anybody else in any of these roles. Emma Watson was absolutely perfect, I think Luke Evans was the best choice for Gaston, Dan Stevens was fantastic, Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellan were wonderful, and Kevin Kline was surprisingly perfect.

This movie stuck extremely close to the original, and I think that is part of what makes it so wonderful. All the old songs were there and some of scenes were shot of shot from the original.

Oh the music. I mentioned casting, but all of their voices fit perfectly too. Emma Watson’s voice isn’t perfect, but it fits. Luke Evans has an amazing, powerful voice, and it fits. And Dan Stevens, oh my goodness. He has a voice, and it fits! I believe the few new songs are from the musical, and I know they are all written by Alan Menken which was a good sign going in that those songs wouldn’t lose the original Disney Magic.

Ok I know I have to address the elephant in the room. The idea that this is “Disney’s gayest film ever”. Let me tell you, it’s not. It all got completely thrown out of proportion. But, it is there. Two little scenes, neither lasting more than five seconds. One has a man looking pleased when he is put in a dress by Guarderode, and the other has Josh Gad dancing with that same man for about two seconds. Here’s the thing, they can both be played off as humor. So if you’re worried about your younger kids, if you don’t want them exposed to it, chances are they’ll just laugh. They probably won’t ask why those two men were dancing together. They’ll say “Hey, did you see when those two boys accidentally ended up dancing together wasn’t that funny haha.”

Overall, the best possible adjective known to the English language. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it immediately.

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Katie x.

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