This Week’s Memorable Trailers

Happy Saturday! Two in a row, maybe this will actually continue.

I’m doing something new today, since I haven’t seen any new movies or finished any new books. My favourite trailers from this week. Let’s get going!

The Man Who Invented Christmas:


I am excited about this movie. I hadn’t heard anything about it until yesterday, but I saw Dan Stevens and knew it had to be good. And it looks like it won’t disappoint. This film is going to tell the story of how Charles Dickens wroteΒ A Christmas Carol, but it includes all of the characters from the story instead of just Dickens himself. I think it’s genius and can’t wait to see how it turns out.



This is another movie that snuck on me, but Daniel Radcliffe. This movie is going to be intense. From what I can gather, our Harry Potter man is stuck in the jungle alone. HIs transformation is incredible, even in just the little bit we saw in the trailer. He’s going to be attacked by bugs, starved, and who know what else. Oh, and it’s based on a true story. It’s going to be uncomfortable to watch, but so far seems very good.

The Current War:


It’s a movie about electricity. The current war. Get it? Everyone’s favourite British guy with a silly name is back. Bendynoodle Cabbagepatch stars as Thomas Edison in the story of the war between Edison and Westinghouse. Benadryl Cumberbund is assumedly going to be amazing in this movie because Boilersnag Crumpleface is fabulous in anything that Blueberry Cucumberpatch does. Ok, I’m done. Seriously, this movie looks great, I’m excited to see it.

Early Man:


This looks like your average, everyday British stop-motion comedy. It physically looks very cool, and it seems very enjoyable if you like British comedy. And with it’s star-studded cast of Eddie Redmayne, Maisie Williams, andΒ  Tom Hiddleston, just a few of everyone’s favourite British actors, I’m sure it will be quite popular. Hard to judge so far, but it looks like a lot of fun

Watch all the trailers here:

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