Episode VIII: The Last Jedi – Trailer

Hello all! First I want to apologize for missing the last few weeks. I just wasn’t reading or watching anything. But this week. Oh boy!

The new Star Wars trailer released on Monday night and it is awesome. No more introduction. Let’s dive in.




Right off the bat we get to see Rey being trained in the ways of The Force. This looks the be a bit different than Luke’s training in Empire. It seems that Rey is not going to be carrying Luke around like a backpack. The scenes we see of her training look amazing, and I think the lightsaber battles are going to be amazing and intense.



30 seconds into the trailer and Luke already has more screentime than the entirety of Episode VII. I am also loving the look of the robot hand.



I’m interested to see what this movie is going to do to Kylo Ren. This may look like he hasn’t learned his lesson, but in the next shot we see him throw this very helmet against the wall. Maybe this movie will humanize him more, and maybe the line between the light and dark sides will be blurred.



Here we get out first good look at Kylo’s scar. I personally think it looks really great and I’m wondering if it will serve any purpose at all, or if it’s just cool costuming.



General Organa. Enough said.



Ooh, this looks fun. Again really interested to see how this movie treats Kylo and his humanity






Captain Phasma looks just as awesome as last time, but I really hope this movie uses her better than the last one. Episode VII had a waste of what could have been a really awesome villain by making her weak and submissive. Hopefully this time they won’t use her just to push the plot along.



On that note, looks like she’s already going to do dome pretty intense fighting. This battle looks amazing. Excited about the amount of Finn in this trailer because that hopefully means he’ll be back on his feet pretty quickly.



This guy just looks cool. I am really loving all the new creatures in this trilogy.



I adore this shot. On that note, the whole trailer looks gorgeous, and I hope the rest of the movie matches because at the moment I am loving this director.



I am really excited to get to dive more into Snoke and to actually see him physically instead of just a giant hologram.



Round one of: Are These Two Shots Related? I would assume that Snoke is the one torturing Rey, but maybe not. We’ll have to wait and see.


2-09_ I need someone to show me my place in all this

“I need someone to show me my place in all this.”



Round two of: Are These Two Shots Related? On that note, the lighting matches, but it doesn’t look like the background does. Is she considering teaming up with Kylo, or is she just talking to Luke? Again, we can only guess until we see the movie.



It’s closer than you think guys, no need to panic.



1-35_ we are the spark

“We are the spark…

1-37_ that will light the fire

…that will light the fire…

1-39_ that will burn the first order down

…that will burn the First Order down.”



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