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Hi! I’m Katie, and, plain and simple, I am a fangirl (or fanwarrior, as some would say). Basically, I like fiction. I love fiction. And I love sharing that love with others, so I write reviews and general fiction-loving content. Stuff that I love and want to share with the world.

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My mom raised me on books and helped me to grow into the avid reader I am today. That love of books has now grown into a love of everything fiction. I watch way too much TV and far too many movies. Anything that allows me to escape when I really need it.

My love of novels really began in 3rd or 4th grade, I think, with the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series. To this day, I still love to return to Hogwarts, although my tastes and interests have evolved. I am currently loving contemporaries (good ones that is) and I’m getting back into the fantasy I loved so much when I was younger. My favorite books are constantly changing depending on my mood, the season, what day of the week it is. . . you get the picture.

My TV career is rather new. Things really kicked off just before my freshman year of high school when I started watching Sherlock and Supernatural around the same time. I then started Doctor Who, now my favorite series of all time, later that same year. I quickly became a full-blown Superwholock (how times have changed), and my TV obsession spiraled from there. Like books, my tastes are always changing, but I am currently very much enjoying Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I really have my love of books to thank for my love of movies because I started off by watching the movie adaptations of my favorite books, including the Harry Potter movies as I was reading the series. Since, then I have grown to love all kinds of movies from Dead Poets Society, my all-time favorite, to every single Marvel movie ever released.

I recently decided that I wanted to go into a career in film journalism, like Empire Film Magazine, and that is where this blog came from. To help me kick start that journey.

Katie x.


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